Three easy but powerful ways to spring clean your brain.

It’s almost spring time. It is a great moment in the year to recommit to our 2019 goals and do some “spring cleaning” around whatever is standing in the way of having the best year ever. We all want to have more fun and freedom to be ourselves and the time and money we need to turn our dreams into reality. As I write this on the full moon in Virgo- it’s the perfect time to learn how to dig into those inner emotional and mental piles of stuff and use the Marie Kondo method on ourselves. (i.e get rid of anything that doesn’t give you joy!)


1. Create a morning routine that gives you some time to focus on self care.

Set a timer on your phone or watch and get up 30 minutes earlier than normal each day. Try 20 minutes of yoga or meditate for 15 minutes, or have a cup of tea and journal for 20 minutes. Keep it short enough that you can stick with it. It’s better to do 5 minutes everyday than try 90 minutes once and then give up. This little self care routine will ground you for your day and help you set an intention for having more joy. If you love it then build a little evening routine as well or a mid day tea break where you take time for yourself. Early morning does hold some magic for clarity and focus so it might be the easiest place to start. Go to bed earlier so you still get enough sleep! I now take 90 minutes each morning to journal and do yoga and it’s been a total game changer!

2. Journal Questions - To cleanse it out, write it out.

It’s always helpful to write down your thoughts so you can see them on paper. You might be surprised what you come up with! Most of our thoughts come out of an overstuffed storage unit full of old ideas, judgements, beliefs and emotions. When we write we are slowly emptying the items out of storage and checking them over to see if they still fit. If they no longer work for you then letting them go is the only sensible option- and it feels like a deep cleanse:) Here are some questions to get you started*:

  • What do you want most in life?

  • What do you want to have accomplished before you die?

  • If you knew you had one year left to live, what would you fix or clean up?

  • What are you ready to let go of- habits, attitudes, beliefs that no longer serve you?

  • What would make life feel extra fun?

  • What do you want to explore more deeply?

  • What feels really nourishing in your life?

As you journal you will see themes emerging and often more questions. Note these and use them to guide you in step 3.

(*Questions adapted from the Dragontree Rituals for Life Dream book- highly recommended!)

#3 Do one nice thing for yourself each day and one nice thing for someone else

Practice the give and take of kindness and find balance in your own self. Often we feel we are out of time, energy, money or all three. We feel overwhelmed, stressed and depleted because we have lost our balance in these 3 ways. Here are some quick ideas to regain equilibrium.

Time: Experiment with the give and take of time by slowing down and enjoying the present moment for yourself. Breathe, relax, gift yourself a break. Even a 1 minute break of being fully present can feel like an amazing gift to yourself. Watch a bird in a tree or savor the feeling of sun on your face. You can also practice by giving someone else time. You can practice giving time in a conversation by not reacting, listening intently, holding space for a person to be heard and seen without needing to respond or question or judge. You will be surprised at what a precious gift that is in a world where we rarely feel heard or seen in everyday rushing.

Energy: Experiment with what gives you energy and what depletes it. (a good journal question too!) If scrolling through Facebook drains you then give it a rest and gift yourself a walk or some time with a good book, or playing with your dog. You can also lend the gift of your energy to another person each day. It is as simple as doing little unexpected things like bringing someone a cup of tea or sending a kind text. These small shifts of energy can go a long way towards creating a happier life.

Money: Money is energy- a conduit of manifestation. Use it to further your dreams and goals and not deplete them. if your goal is to travel around the world then start a travel savings or buy that guide book or tent or language app. The more you use the money energy towards what you really want with focus and intention- the sooner you will get there! This sounds obvious but it’s surprising when you pay attention to your spending where it’s actually ending up. Be intentional with your money flow just as you are with your words or your actions. You can also use money each day to support good causes or help someone fulfill their goals. This can be as small as a dollar but it does add up over time. Pay attention to where you send money energy and your goals will start to become reality. Once we get in sync with giving and receiving, the world will seem a more generous place.


If you have a moment - email me and let me know if this helped you and/or if you want to see more posts like this! I believe that a better future starts with all of us being joyful and more grounded in the present. It’s my dream to see my fellow big hearted creative folks living their dreams, helping change the world and being wildly abundant and happy doing it!

Stay calm and drink tea,



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