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Hello traveler,

Thanks for stopping by. I’m Ginger Edwards and along with my husband Brigham, own and operate North Fork 53 Retreat and Tea Gardens. I moved to the Oregon Coast almost 20 years ago and started farming with a small vegetable plot on an off grid homestead in 2007. Over many years I slowly grew my little plot of carrots and lettuce into a larger community CSA vegetable farm serving 50 families and training many young farmers over a 10 year stretch. In the middle of the farming I was lucky enough to meet the love of my life. Brigham and I met online and in less than a year he had moved onto the farm and we went on our first overseas adventure together to explore Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos. Brigham had been living in Portland building skate ramps and making herbal tinctures. He was ready to shift towards his healing path and our journey to Asia together gave him a sense of the bigger role he was being called to play in life.

We had the incredible opportunity to create our dream of a farm based wellness center in 2015 when the “red barn” property across the street from my small homestead came up for sale by owners that were our friends and mentors. With their support and lots of community help and financing I sold my first farm and we invested all our love, time and energy into remodeling North Fork 53’s historic farmhouse and barn. After a marathon of work over the summer of 2016, we opened the retreat center for business in the fall on October 31st!

What had been a rental house with lawns is slowing transforming into our dream of a sacred intentional space for wellness, relaxation, learning, permaculture and plant medicine. We invite you to share our vision of a healthy, peaceful and sustainable life with us by visiting us on the coast. Check out our blog for more on what we are creating season by season and sign up for our newsletter below for specials, updates and the latest pics!

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