Welcome to North Fork 53 Farm and Retreat Center


You have discovered an oasis nourishing visitors with healthy food, natural beauty and visions of a better future. We invite you to gift yourself with our hospitality. Eat from our gardens, journal by the river and enjoy new friends around the fire. At North Fork 53, we heal the world one restored visitor at a time!  


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We have a place for you. We have been working as small organic farmers for almost a decade but realized that our lives are not just about growing vegetables for market. What our gardens have given us is a way to spend our days with nature. To find peace in saving seeds, and baking bread, lighting wood stoves and listening to the rain come down. North Fork 53 Retreat Center is our gift to you. It is the quiet of dark, star filled nights. The sunshine spilling through giant Spruce trees along a coastal hiking trail. The smell of the ocean on the wind. The taste of real tomatoes warm from the garden sun. The crackle of a camp fire as you warm up around it on a chilly night. Weekends of painting, writing, meditating, cooking and laughing with friends, doing yoga riverside, playing music and remembering what fun and inner peace feel like. Give yourself the gift of a retreat and life may never feel the same again!

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