Sprouting Hearts Wellness


"Your Heart is full of fertile seeds, waiting to sprout"

- Morihei Ueshibi, founder of the Japanese martial art of Aikido

My name is Brigham Edwards. I am 42 and I am going through the most profound healing process of my life. 

I moved to Nehalem, Oregon in 2012 to live with my amazing girlfriend, Farmer Ginger. I was in search of a peaceful place to find my purpose, while escaping the fast life of Portland. Since then, I have had the honor of marrying Ginger in 2014. During these years, I've attended herbal school (Vital Ways & The School of Forest Medicine) to learn about the human body and beneficial herbal remedies for teas & health. I've met many of the great elders who reside here, who have taught me plant medicine, herbalism, tai chi, fire science, homesteading, accountability, and community. Ginger and I have spent the last 2 years burying ourselves in hard work to restore the Red Barn property into a new dream of a wellness retreat destination with sustainable/biodynamic food, herb, and tea production- NorthFork53 . 

New Tea Business in the works. https://www.kiva.org/lend/1248908

For spring 2018 we are planning to recreate the 4 acres at NF53 with herbal gardens, food production and investments into planting camellia sinensis- the bush that creates tea varieties. Camellia takes about 4 years to start harvesting. This gives plenty of time to increase herbal production and perfect our blends. We will also be creating a meditation path around the  4 acre property surrounded with medicinal plants with their info for a peaceful educational walk. Guests will be able to take long walks with their tea in hand to learn about the fresh ingredients.

 Harvesting my favorite crop, Tulsi, otherwise known as Holy Basil. The bees loved the tulsi when I planted in the hoop house and helped cucumber production as well! Tulsi is a key ingredient to my blends.

Harvesting my favorite crop, Tulsi, otherwise known as Holy Basil. The bees loved the tulsi when I planted in the hoop house and helped cucumber production as well! Tulsi is a key ingredient to my blends.

Emotional Release Therapy

I was introduced to a healing modality called 'Amanae' in October  of 2016 by a soul searching friend of mine. She spoke of dropping old baggage through Emotional Release Therapy with Amanae. I immediately was drawn to find out more. "Who doesn't need to get monkeys off their back?" I thought. "Sign me up!"

For my first session I drove to Ashland to meet with my new friend and mentor, Carrie Lore Redfern. I was already moved by my research leading up to my break through session, that after I left Ashland I signed up for my first workshop in Northern California with Pat Jackman , Amanae practitioner of 22 years, having faith that I could work up the cash to attend. Through a GoFundMe program, over 30 clients helped me attend my first round of school.

People have different experiences with Emotional Release Therapy. Some have no actual memory or reoccurrence in the mind as they go through the harbored physical pain. It can been compared to 40 years of psychotherapy, as the mind has no interference with the emotional pain released from the muscles at the cellular level. 

* This emotional release bodywork technique allows us to rediscover parts of ourselves that have been shut down by deeply held fear, anger, and trauma. It helps get rid of the extra baggage that hinders us from our full potential.

* Holding of emotions in our bodies can manifest as illness and physical pain.

* Opening and clearing the body of repressed emotions, makes room to fully house our spirits.

* It removes the barriers that block us from our own divinity and authenticity.

My first session released shame and guilt I carried in my DNA from my sex addicted father, as well some of  my own shame and guilt. Also issues around being sexually molested at the age of 3. I have tried to bury these memories away in my past with heavy use use of alcohol, drugs and getting covered in tattoos to help me not give a "care" about my true self or others while shielding my heart from any more pain. I feel these were the years that I was a "wussy" as I was too ashamed to connect with my true self/emotions and cry or vent when I really needed to making my self into a very crabby person for decades. "Pull yourself up by your boot straps" only helps to keep others from having to deal with other's emotional states.

During my second session, I was able to confront my physical abuse as a child of 5-13 from my step dad. During my session I cried. I screamed. I growled and shook as snot and phlegm excreted from my lungs and nose. This led to me calling him 3 days later, and I was able to forgive him from my heart, thank him for the lessons, and therefore releasing both of us from the past and being able to move forward with growth. 
Amanae has had such an impact on me, I actually stand differently today as my muscles have been able to let go of unneeded tension. I am happier and lighter. I cant wait for more layers to be removed from my Self and to share with others that are interested! 

My Amanae session with Brigham was amazing.
I felt old frozen and blocked energy points and channels completely open up and send current flowing through my whole body under his guided touch.
Brigham is a born natural practitioner for this powerful healing modality and I totally recommend you give a session with him a try, you will be amazed.”

-Darel G.

I enjoyed my session with Brigham, his wish to heal, and his enthusiasm are contagious. The effects of this kind of work are sometimes subtle and sometimes in your face. It's a wonderful revelation to see your past unfold with his work. I highly recommend it. 
-Robert Brook

I invited Carrie Lore Redfern to our community to work on 9 of us over a 3 day period. 
Here some testimonies from attendees-

"Brigham Edwards has given me a gift by introducing me to the Amanae healing modality, Last week I received a treatment, with Carrie Redfern and continue to feel the subtle, positive effects of releasing cellular emotional debris, from this lifetime as well as past lifetimes. I feel stronger, less guarded and more able to walk on, with faith, into the unknown.
I trust that Brigham has the sensitivity, sincerity, and maturity to succeed in becoming a certified practitioner; to bring light and love to many in our community through his study of Amanae."
-Sharon Lee Frantz
Nehalem, Oregon

"My experience with Amanae was deeply impacting. I'm doing a lot of internal work to release the old energies of hurt and trauma so that I can be filled more fully with the vibrant energies trying to pour into this world. I've been working through old trust issues so that I can open to the fresh love that is in my life without seeing it through darkened lenses. I've also recently had a trauma in my life that tore the scab off the old traumas that have resided in my body for decades if not lifetimes. So my system was already in a state of release when I met my Amanae practitioner, Carrie Redfern. She was wonderful from the start, so very present with me during my intake time. Once we started working, she was a gentle stimulant to my body for further release while being a solid grounding rod for the depth of the grief that wanted to find its way out of me. She escorted it gently out and helped me look in its eyes so I could reclaim the soft and vulnerable love inside it, while allowing the anguish to simply flush out and away. This is a very special gift of healing that is especially good for highly sensitive people as well as those who sense-feel deeply in their body. I think that Amanae is a very potent healing modality and uses our bodies own wisdom and desire to heal and move forward. We are not always ready to face the past, and we are not always allowed or in a safe place to feel when we are hurt. Amanae really helps with processing out the old energies, to make more room for the new, while honoring your Self through the entire timeline and process."
- Sara Simmons, owner of Moxie Fair Trade in Manzanita (which was left roofless by recent tornado)

"I had a wonderful session with Carrie. When Brigham shared his experience with me, I did not hesitate to sign up for a treatment. It was unlike any other bodywork I have ever received and I have been lucky enough to experience a lot! I had actually never had an emotional release on the table up until our session. It surprised me what came up but I felt so supported and safe with the way Carrie handled it. I feel something in me has shifted (which was actually noticed by three of my patients) and can not wait to try more. "
-Mackenzie Champ, ND, LAC
Nourish Natural Family Medicine

Right now there are only a dozen healers practicing Amanae around the world. With your help, I will spread the wellness of Amanae and create my new business of helping others heal themselves to become their full potential. I will graduate as a practitioner late summer of 2017 from the California school of Emotional Release.

I have found my purpose as a current student of Anamae and plant medicine producer to help others with their self healing. I am looking forward to sharing this amazing healing modality and herbs with my community on the North Coast. 

Stay Healthy Party Longer,
Brigham Edwards


“The plain fact is that the planet does not need more successful people. But it does desperately need more peacemakers, healers, restorers, storytellers, and lovers of every kind. It needs people who live well in their places. It needs people of moral courage willing to join the fight to make the world habitable and humane. And these qualities have little to do with success as we have defined it.”
― David W. Orr, Ecological Literacy: Educating Our Children for a Sustainable World


 Phytolacca (latin for Poke weed- a very strong herbal plant) in her first days with me on the farm. She showed up 3 days after my Grandmother's memorial. Poke helped me get through some of my hardest times of sorrow while riding on my shoulders. 

Phytolacca (latin for Poke weed- a very strong herbal plant) in her first days with me on the farm. She showed up 3 days after my Grandmother's memorial. Poke helped me get through some of my hardest times of sorrow while riding on my shoulders. 

 Dancing with my dream gal at our grand opening

Dancing with my dream gal at our grand opening