North Fork 53 Tea now available!


Welcome to our new North Fork 53 Tea page! We are the first farm in the north coast region to plant Camellia Sinensis plants (the botanical name for tea) for commercial production. While we wait to harvest our tea plants (3-5 years) we are focused on growing a wide range of herbs, trees, flowers and fruits to create delicious Oregon Coast herbal blends. We also source sustainably grown green, black, oolong and pu’erh teas from our travels around the world and through our fellow tea farmers and purveyors.

Join our Communitea Subscription TEa Box!

We want to share our learning, growing and tea with you! We have always sold farm direct because we love getting to know our community. We also realize that by selling directly to you we can stay small and true to our "qualitea" and our "sustainabilitea" ethics.  With our new Communitea subscription boxes we can mail direct to anyone in the US making it simple, affordable and fun to drink the highest quality herbs and teas. And that's not all! We envision growing our tea community one cup at a time by....

  • Growing with other coast farmers and foragers to source our blends

  • Donating % of each sale to nonprofits for communities in need

  • Partnering with tea-chers who share the culture, spirit and wisdom of tea

  • Designing for biodiversity, pollinator habitat & biodegradable packaging

  • Offering farm stays, tours, workshops, tastings, blogs and online forums

    Our Communitea Subscription Boxes ship farm fresh tea blends directly to you door! Starting at $12.95 a month (with free shipping!) you will receive enough tea for 25 cups of our farm grown herbal blends or choose the option of adding in organic green and black teas from around the world in our Communitea Explorer Subscription Box.


From Seed to Sip


Why Locally grown tea matters.

We are Brigham and Ginger Edwards, founders of North Fork 53 tea and wellness retreat! We have been farming organically on the Oregon coast for over a decade. We have been tea drinkers for years and are excited to be growing and hand crafting tea blends for our Communitea to enjoy. 

2018 was dedicated to everything tea! We traveled to India and Sri Lanka to learn how tea is grown in these majestic places. We sipped tea with wonderful people, tea teachers, companies and farmers.  We got tea "drunk" on some of the best teas we have ever tasted and spit out some horrible ones. Throughout it all we are grateful for the space that sharing tea provides to reflect, chat, listen and learn about the world around and within us.

One of the 2018 plantings of our Camellia Sinensis plants (TEA!)

One of the 2018 plantings of our Camellia Sinensis plants (TEA!)

North Fork 53 Tea is different from almost any tea company out there today. The difference is that we are the farmers!  We begin each tea blend months or even years in advance as we plant seeds and intentions into the earth. We nurture and grow our herbs, tea plants, flowers, fruits and trees organically using biodynamic methods, harvest them by hand, dry each batch carefully and create one of kind seasonal blends in our farm house kitchen. We never use chemical based "natural" or imitation flavors in our teas but rely on the vibrant taste of the fresh plants themselves or use pure essential oils and extracts such as vanilla bean and lemons. 

know what’s in your teacup. Know your Farmers and Stay Healthy!

Did you know many tisane herbs are imported from other countries? While it's possible to grow chamomile, roses, tulsi and mint here in Oregon you commonly find them being imported from as far away as China and Morocco. Imported herbs are often grown with chemical fertilizers and pesticides. They sit on warehouse shelves losing nutrients and flavor before being sold to large tea companies who add them to blends mostly for looks and label appeal- as the herbs themselves have little medicinal or taste qualities. Chemically derived "natural" flavors are then added so the herbs will smell fresh coming out of the package. All of this shipping and processing can turn what should be a cup of simple healthy chamomile tea into a unfortunate mix of pesticide residues, chemical flavorings and plastic packaging waste.

Fortunately your tea cup now has a healthy and delicious small farm option!  We are a small, specialized, farmer owned-and-operated business. We grow using organic and biodynamic methods with an emphasis on biodiversity and pollinator habitat creation. We harvet by hand and sell our herbs within months of drying them for optimal freshness. But you don't have to take our word for it- you can come and visit your tea blends growing and see for yourself! We operate a year round tea and wellness retreat center on the north Oregon coast. We offer tours, tastings, workshops, and a bed and breakfast retreat with free tea bar. We hand grow our tea blends for the best possible quality, taste and health benefits from from adding organic compost in our gardens to using fully reusable or biodegradable packaging when we ship. Our 2018 harvest and tea picks make the perfect gift this season for your favorite tea lover- and for yourself to enjoy all year long!