New adventures in TEA! 


For 2018 we are excited to be planting a new tea company on the Oregon coast. We will be the first in our region to plant Camellia Sinensis (the botanical name for green tea) for commercial tea production. We are also growing a multitude of organic herbs to create unique tea blends! We are hoping in the future to be able to provide tours, tastings and sales of our herbal tisane and tea blends. Follow our adventures in learning about tea and other health giving beverages on Instagram #thepourfarmerstravel #thepourfarmersgarden.

We have been growing vegetables in the Nehalem Valley as R-evolution Gardens for a decade. In 2018 we are growing vegetables, herbs at North Fork 53 as well as our farm field we lease nearby. We plan on offering our gardens bounty to our guests and community. We invite you to come enjoy the gardens and pick up some fresh veggies to eat!  


North Fork 53 Veggie and Herb gardens

The produce available from North Fork 53 gardens changes with the seasons, allowing you to make a connection to place and naturally give your body the seasonal nutrition it craves at the right time. 


"Dear Farmer Ginger & Crew -Glorious thanks! Especially for the “candy cob corn”. Delish & very digestible. The yellow cukes are delightful & todays rainbow carrots are amazing. Your work is our healthcare policy. Prognosis: excellent. Thanks!”-Leonard & Susan

“Farmer Ginger-I don’t think I ever tell you enough about how much I appreciate what you do and how you live. You are a wonderful example of positive possibilities manifested – and I find that inspiring. 
Big love to you and all”- Gary

“Farmer Ginger and crew-  Thank you for all the delicious produce you’ve made possible this year.  You are amazing!” -Tela




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